On your feet challenge

What’s the On your Feet Challenge?

Throughout the three weeks, the On Your Feet Challenge invites students, families and school to travel 6,000 kilometers by active transportation – the distance from one end of Canada to the other. Active transportation is about getting from place to place using only your body’s energy, such as walking and cycling. It’s a simple and effective way to improve your health.

Will run for 3 weeks in the month of October:

– Switch to active transportation for your trips and accumulate as many kilometers as possible!
– Accumulate kilometers by walking, running, cycling or scootering*.
– Discover 1,001 ways to use active transportation, a fun reason to scuff your shoes!
– Collect a ton of digital badges, enough to put the Scouts to shame!
*Walking/running side-to-side or backwards and using a unicycle are also fine.

Amazing participation prizes

By taking up the On Your Feet Challenge, you could win one of many participation prizes .