Where does the campaign Going to school, on foot or by bike, I can do it!  come from? 

In 2015, the city of Gatineau called on a social marketing firm to find out about the problems related to the door syndrome phenomenon among parents of elementary school students. Following this study, most parents mentioned that they did not consider their children independent enough to go to school alone. The solution to overcome the results of this study was therefore to create an awareness campaign by training, raising awareness and mobilizing students and parents about active transportation and road safety. This is how, in 2016, the Going to school, on foot or by bike, I can do it! campaign was born in Gatineau. Since 2021, the campaign has spread to the Outaouais and is now accessible in various administrative regions across Quebec since 2023.

Can I do one of the campaign projects at my school?

If you live in one of the following 4 administrative regions, you can apply to the agents in your region. Please note that places are limited.

What about students who do not live within walking distance of the school?

All students can participate in the challenge!
How? Children only need to travel part of the way to school by active transportation. For example, they can be dropped off by car three blocks away from the school, in the safety corridor, so that they can finish their trip to school on foot.