The Trottibus is a walking school bus project that allows elementary school children to walk to school together in the morning, accompanied by volunteers.

The Trottibus is a project involving the collaboration between parents, the school and the community. Setting it up in seven easy steps:

Step 1

Conduct a survey

A little, a lot, or passionately? Find out the interest of parents in your school by conducting a survey (available upon request).

Step 2

Form a committee

Two heads are better than one! Form a committee of at least two volunteers and get started.

Step 3

Create the route(s)

What does the survey say? First, identify one or two routes. Then, plan stops and schedules.

Step 4

Promote the project

Promote the project in classrooms, after-school services and public places in the neighborhood.

Step 5

Start registration

Inform parents when its time to register their children and get involved as volunteers.

Step 6

Train volunteers

Getting all volunteers together for the road safety training is also a great way for everyone to meet!

Step 7

Walk together!

Be sure to invite all parents and the school principal to the official launch. And of course… have fun!