Speed Radars

The Speed Radars awareness activity was developed to encourage students who live within 1.6 km of their school to get there safely using active transportation. 

The activity takes a total of 30 to 60 minutes to complete and is designed to raise awareness among road users in the school area about student safety. Speed radars and road signs at critical locations are used during the activity to raise motorists’ awareness of speed limits and to raise students’ awareness of safe practices to adopt when they walk or cycle to school.

There are two versions of the activity. The first version is conducted with the class. The second version can be built into the I can do it! challenge day to raise awareness among road users during the challenge and to raise awareness among students as they walk to school.


This activity is only available in Outaouais for the moment


To reserve Speed radars the day of your I can do it challenge! or at any time during the year, write to jesuiscapable@mobi-o.ca