3rd cycle

Cycliste averti program

Bike education in elementary schools

Le programme Cycliste averti vise à permettre aux élèves de cinquième et sixième année de se déplacer à vélo de façon sécuritaire et plus autonome dans leur environnement.

Se déroulant à l’école, le programme d’éducation allie des enseignements théoriques et pratiques sur la sécurité à vélo et donne aux élèves l’opportunité de faire l’expérience du vélo sur la route, en toute sécurité.

School involvment

Homeroom teacher

Road safety theory

Simulations, interactive activities, videos and reading materials to learn the basics of road safety in an engaging way
Length: 6 hours, including a written test
Taught by your child’s homeroom teacher

Physical education teacher

Practice on a closed course

Development of key cycling skills through
games and activities in the gym or schoolyard
Length: 6 hours, including a practical assessment
Taught by the physical education teacher

Bike ride

Groupe bike outing

Application of concepts learned in class in frequently encountered on-road situations
3 km to 5 km ride on streets
around the school
Escorted by qualified cycling
instructors who will oversee all
aspects of student’s safety


One-on-one testing

On-road evaluation of your child’s conduct and manoeuvres on a route similar to that used for the group outing
Students are escorted by an adult
who will evaluate their skill level
and monitor their safety

Each student will receive a detailed report card after their test.


At the end of the program, the student will have acquired several knowledge and skills regarding the use of his bicycle such as checking the condition and the adjustment of his bicycle to ensure that it is safe, adjusting his helmet, understand road signs (general signs and signs specific to cyclists), obey traffic rules and the Highway Safety Code, or even recognize the risks posed by blind spots and car doors.

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